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The size of your home in comparison to those in your neighborhood is an important factor to consider before adding a room. If your home is one of the smaller or average sized houses in the neighborhood, then adding a room or rooms makes more sense than adding to a home which is already one of the largest in the area. Adding a room to a home which is large in comparison to the rest of the neighborhood does not always make sense, because when the time comes to sell the home, the resale value generally is not as high as it would be if the home were located in an area where the other homes are more comparable in size. Most people would prefer to purchase a smaller home in an affluent neighborhood than purchase the largest home in a neighborhood of smaller homes.

For many homeowners who need more space, moving may not be the answer. Most room additions consist of extending the size of your home by adding a new room to an exterior wall. The most popular room additions are bedrooms. However, dens, living rooms, dining rooms, studies or studios can easily be included, depending on the needs of the family.

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