Advanced Construction, Inc. Sunrooms

Have you ever dreamed of adding a room to your home that puts you outdoors? If you’re looking for a custom-designed sunroom that combines the beauty, durability and thermal efficiency of vinyl, Advanced Construction can make your dream come true.

Sunrooms offer a rare combination of practicality and whimsy. A sunroom's dominance of glass creates an ambiance, which lends itself to countless uses.

Contrary to popular belief, a sunroom is not only limited to territories that enjoy warm weather. The sun rises in every part of the world, and even if it's cold outside, the warm rays of the sun can be harvested to provide the right kind of temperature for the sunroom. We specialize in all types of sunrooms, enclosed porches and patio rooms.

Our Sunroom Services

  • Sunroom Design
  • Sunroom Installation
  • Custom Sunroom


If you're looking to add a sunroom to your home, please give us a call at 715-760-0888, or complete our request service form.